“Every time you hit a milestone, an anniversary, a life event, the emotions will run high.” Head of Field Management Vince Lumia discusses the value of advice during life’s milestones in a #MorganStanleyMinute https://mgstn.ly/2NAWwDS

Which characteristics will be critical for U.S. large-cap growth stocks in a late-cycle market? A veteran portfolio manager discusses where he's finding select opportunities. http://bit.ly/2RllCaI #revenuegrowth

Join @MacKayShields Municipal Managers David Dowden and Christopher Roberti for a webcast on 1/ 24 at 1:00pm EST to discuss the team’s top 5 predictions for #muni markets in 2020. Register: http://bit.ly/2txoWYp

Our Global Sports & Entertainment group is proud to be the exclusive #FinancialEducation sponsor of the @SeniorBowl once again. We are excited to engage this year's athletes to help them build and advance their financial game plans. #TheDraftStartsInMOBILE

Our Head of APAC Private Wealth Management Vincent Chui shares his views on the 2020 market outlook, pipeline for Asia wealth creation, and our business strategy from the sidelines of our Global Alpha Investment (GAIN) Conference in Hong Kong @bloombergTV

What is modern monetary theory and what does it mean for your portfolio? #MMT has become a trending topic among many economists and politicians—and it starts with a deceptively simple observation. http://bit.ly/36VYJBc

Robin Xing, our Chief China Economist, discusses the economy, the latest GDP data and the US-China phase-one trade deal with @BloombergTV at our Global Alpha Investment (GAIN) Conference in Hong Kong

Want to learn how municipal bonds could fit into your portfolio? Associate Portfolio Manager Dennis DiCicco discusses the benefits of this asset class. http://bit.ly/2QXjcjO #municipalbonds

VCs acknowledge that their portfolios hold too few companies founded by women and multicultural entrepreneurs, without making the practice a priority. Our report examines why: https://mgstn.ly/2R3yUK8

Google Assistant can now respond to the command, “Hey Google, talk to Walmart.” How will this technology impact CUs? Will consumers eventually be saying “hey “Google, find the best deal on this car?” #CUDigitalTrends http://cloud.cunamutual.com/digital-trends?utm_source=cunamutual&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=DigitalTrends-Phase1&utm_content=WM_Google&utm_source=cunamutual&utm_medium=linkedin&utm_campaign=&utm_term=&utm_content=

NEW PODCAST! This week Extreme Value Editor @dferris1961 dissects the headlines after Tesla’s $TSLA monstrous run past $550 a share. Also, Dan explains how in this era of “unbridled optimism,” investors have to get other things right too.

Listen now 🎧 - http://sbry.co/ZNfOD

Labor Department limits news outlets' use of embargoed data. This will slow the ability of individual investors to react, advantaging quant-based hedge funds. http://sbry.co/hucF9

What can municipal bond investors expect in 2020? Hear from the seasoned experts at @MacKayShields Municipal Managers below and get their Top 5 2020 #Muni Insights at http://bit.ly/2Rl1p4R.

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