MacKay Municipal Managers believe CA & NY issued bonds represent increasingly attractive segments of the #munibond market. Learn more in their #hightaxstates whitepaper:

The creation and redemption feature is the secret sauce of #ETFs that keeps many investors coming back for more. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the process. #securities

Thematic investing combines a deep understanding of history and a specialist-informed perspective on the future. Learn how this long-term approach is practiced at @PictetAM, a global leader in the field. #capitalgrowth #thematicinvesting

Up for the challenge? This week we’re putting our London analyst class to the test with digital trading & IPO simulations. Find out more about making the most out of your internship: #MSCareers

U.S. stocks finished higher today on positive trade headlines and hopes for additional rate cuts from the #Fed. Your afternoon market recap:

On today’s #podcast, Chief Cross-Asset Strategist Andrew Sheets shares three takeaways from this week’s inversion of the yield curve, historically the signal of a possible #recession.

Given all the fears about the government and the economy, investors are bypassing bonds and cash and moving straight into this asset.

Taking a DIY approach to retirement planning? You might be missing these two key benefits of working with a financial advisor. #financialadvisor #retirementplanning

Wonder what #stockmarket commentators are talking about when they throw around terms like corrections, mid caps, and intraday highs? Get up to speed with our guide on stock market jargon and key investing terms.

Investors considering buying the recent market dip may want to remain patient and wait for a better opportunity. Here’s why:

See which sectors may participate in the upside—or protect on the downside—in light of a maturing market cycle. For the latest thinking from our asset management network, get #MarketIntelligence

President Trump may have scaled back tariffs on Chinese goods to spare holiday shoppers, but consumers are likely to feel the pinch anyway. Your midday market headlines:

NEW PODCAST! With talk of a recession becoming even more pronounced thanks to inverted yield curve, @dferris1961 gets straight to some historical perspective. Also, don't miss what our guest @greenbackd has to say about value investing.

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While U.S. and China trade tensions have recently escalated, we make the case for a medium-term growth story in our latest outlook, Midgame.

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