Sensex sheds over 350 points to trade below 40,000 after three weeks, Nifty below 11,700 amid weakness across sectors #Sensex #Nifty #MarketUpdates

Decarbonizing portfolios is an issue at the top of investors’ minds. Leaders across our firm are discussing carbon-light investing and climate change solutions today at Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s Ideas conference.

Company earnings must grow to justify high stock market multiples. But what if this fails to materialize? Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s William Lock is talking about the need for #earnings resiliency today at our Ideas conference in New York.

Stocks were down more than 2% on Monday (Feb. 24) as coronavirus fears infected the equity market. We believe the economic impact is meaningful – but temporary.

Stocks slump again, driving the S&P 500 down 3%, as fears grow that the virus outbreak will slow the global economy. Tuesday market recap:

Currency events—The strength of the U.S. dollar is dominating currencies amid market uncertainty. Find out what’s behind the push in #WeeklyMarketRecap. #currency

Late-cycle doesn’t mean end-of-cycle, and there are reasons to expect U.S. expansion can last a few more years. Join @epochinvest’s CEO, Bill Priest, as he discusses his current market outlook and the challenge of riding out inevitable market volatility.

What gets CIOs excited? Investors are gathering in New York for Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s Ideas conference, where leaders from our $552 billion asset manager share insights on global investing topics.

Learn about five emerging technologies that could help investors battle climate change and curb carbon emissions: #MSIdeas

“Empower your people to be surprisingly different and have surprisingly different engagements with members.” Listen to Vibrant Credit Union’s Chief Experience Officer Steve Ducey’s story of one employee’s “sunny” idea for creative member engagement:

What is liquidity, and how can it affect your investments? Explore how quickly stocks, bonds, and other assets can be converted to cash—and at what potential costs. #liquidity #investments

Analysis suggests the main economic impact from the #coronavirus will be experienced in China. This impact will likely dampen aggregate global #GDP growth, which is expected to remain positive. Read more from our experts at Ausbil Investment Management:

Companies reliant on the global supply chain are likely to be impacted by the #coronavirus and we may see major adjustments in guidance by these companies in Q1. Read the full analysis from @epochinvest:

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